ARAB Blockchain Week 2021

Virtual Edition from arab world to all the world

12 – 17 June, 2021

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Events , Activities & Schedules

12 - 7 PM EET to

Blockchain 101 Day - in Arabic Only

The blockchain 101 day is a full-day event for blockchain absolute beginners in the Arab world where all blockchain enthusiasts can learn about blockchain in Arabic, know the basics, exchange knowledge, meet experts, and network with each other to strengthen the blockchain community in the Arab world. The language is Arabic. The ultimate goal is to increase the blockchain awareness in the Arab world through onboarding web2 users to the web3 world.

  • Blockchain 101 Day - in Arabic Only
  • Arabs in Blockchain
11:00 AM (EST GMT+2)
يحيي طارق : تطوير التطبيقات اللامركزية

أفضل التوصيات لتطوير متكامل للتطبيقات اللامركزية

11:30 AM (EST GMT+2)
د/ فادي عمروش : التمويل اللامركزي Defi

التمويل اللامركزي و هل يمكن أن يكون الثورة القادمة في عالم القروض

12:00 PM (EST GMT+2)
راندا الرفاعي : التحديات القانونية لتقنية البلوكشين

إن تقنية البلوكشين تواجه تحديات قانونية منذ يومها الأول. سوف نلقي الضوء على اهم هذه التحديات و نستعرض بعض من الإقتراحات لحلها.

01:00 PM (EST GMT+2)
محمد بحيري : النظام الأيكولوجي لكاردانو

استكشاف نظام كاردانو البيئي وخريطة الطريق Explore the Cardano ecosystem and road map

01:30 PM (EST GMT+2)
محمد تيسير : مدخل لانواع الصكوك " التوكن" انواعها واستخدامتها

 استعراض لأنواع الصكوك " التوكن" المختلفه وايضاح مختلف استخدامتها واهميتها

02:00 PM (EST GMT+2)
: د/ حاتم مبروك Lean Blockchain Canvas - لين بلوكتشين كانفاس

لين بلوكتشين كانفاس عبارة عن مجموعة من المستندات التي ترشدك الي الخطوات اللازمة لإنشاء مشروع بلوكتشين ناجح.

03:00 PM (EST GMT+2)
حوار مجتمعي

Ask me any thing

04:30 PM (EST GMT+2)
خلود اليامي : العملة الرقمية للبنك المركزي 101

 شرح مختصر وعام لتطبيقات العملات الرقمية الصادرة من البنوك المركزية

05:00 PM (EST GMT+2)
إنصاف نوري : حوكمة البلوكتشين: مثال ديكريد

 ماهية حوكمة البلوكتشين على و خارج السلسلة و سأعطي مثال ديكريد و كيفية إستخدامها للحوكمة لإدارة مشروعها

Full Day
Arab META Summit 2022
  • 12 - 7 PM EET
  • ArabVerse Summit 2022
  • LIVE in the Metaverse

Arab META Summit 2022

The Arab META Summit - a Real Metaverse, global summit conference to be held on 11th Nov, 2022, for connecting blockchain gurus, tech players such as startups and large enterprises, government authorities, IT leaders, tech entrepreneurs, investors and developers from diverse sectors including Gaming, 3D, VR/AR, Web3 & Blockchain, Art & Fashion, Social platform & Digital identity and beyond, to come together to BUILD a decentralized future powered by Web 3.0 with real experience of Metaverse.

The 2days Live in actual Metaverse world hosts a wide variety of activities happening live in the 1st actual Metaverse including talks, panel discussions and tech talks by top entrepreneurs and experts. The exhibition hall will host companies, startup and project showcases, an occasion to network and find business opportunities.

The Summit will connect Arab & Global Metaverse experts and technology providers with executives Level ( CEOs, Chief Creative Officers, Directors of Metaverse Engineering, Chief Metaverse Officers, CMOs, Chief Product Developers, and Chief Innovation Officers ) -- all under one Verse.

A variety of topics & use cases to be discussed during the summit this year, from the trends , challenges in technology implementations that will eventually determine the future of virtual reality and its applications.The purpose is to explore and build the future of metaverse together.

Arab Meta Summit - Day 2 Speakers

Listen to these Amazaing Speakers.

Full Day Activities
Free Day for Community
  • 11 AM - 5:30 PM EST (+02:00 GMT)
  • Full Day with Different Activities for Anyone

Free Day for Community

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Full Day Activities
Her Web Day
  • 12 PM - 6:30 PM EST (+02:00 GMT)
  • NoonDAO
  • Metaverse

Her Web Day

Her web3 Day is conference organized by NoonDAO, A community established to empower Arab women in web3, to Bridging Arab women worldwide to work together and collaborate on web3 projects, to teckel women reaction to what's trending in blockchain domain

Full Day Activities
Free Day for Community
  • 11 AM - 5:30 PM EST (+02:00 GMT)
  • Full Day with Different Activities for Anyone

Free Day for Community

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Full Day Conference
Speaking Slots & Panel Discussions Day - Bilingual
  • 11 AM - 5:30 PM EST (+02:00 GMT)
  • Arab EmTech & Startups Conference
  • LIVE in the Metaverse

Speaking Slots & Panel Discussions Day - Bilingual

Arab EmTech & Startups Conference focuses on how organizations or Startups in the Arab World are rethink and transform not only businesses but also the life of its residents. In order to prepare for the future, transform their businesses, and gain a competitive advantage. And Making Cybersecurity major part to achieve this. The Conference will gather 500+ EmTech Specialists including C-level executives, Key Decision Makers, & Tech-preneurs across the entire EmTech ecosystem covering all domains of Emerging Technologies.

Arab EmTech & Startups Conference - Day 1 Speakers

Listen to these Amazaing Speakers.

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